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The soul parade


Thirty characters (23 living and 7 deceased), were included in the work of Tijuana's artist Oscar Ortega, in a paintwork based on the history of the development of Av. Revolución since 1929 (when alcohol was prohibited in the United States); the paint shows the stories of the mythical Tijuana during the first half of the past century that come from a throughout research the artist did during 4 months of work.

Titled '1929/Entre Tijuana y la Ley seca. El desfile de almas', you can come appreciate this wonderful work of art in a large format paint at Caesar's restaurant, located in Tijuana's downtown.



Anchovies or not? Did Caesar Cardini or Livio Santini create the salad? Or was it someone else? We honestly weren't there when one of the world's most famous dishes was born. But we certainly honor and pay due respect to both Mr. Cardini and Mr. Santini as well as we do to other versions of the Caesar Salad. You are just a click away to the actual recipe tossed tableside today at Caesar's.



Different eras, characters and nationalities blend into both the city's and Caesar's history. From the glamour of its casino and racetrack to the development of a very important business center, Tijuana and Caesar's have witnessed it all. Check out our timeline to find out more about Caesar Cardini and his world famous creation, the Caesar Salad.



Find out the latest reviews and features about a legendary place. Caesar's Restaurant's been in the news since the 1920s...